PASSPORT: Mid-Semester Critiques

Critiques will take place between February 27 – March 30.

Students: In order to get credit for your PASSPORT, please make sure that you get the faculty signature of the visited critique attended.  You will need their signature to verify your attendance to these 2 outside critiques.

Critiques where all are welcome will be posted to this page by  February 21. Please check the calendar below.


All forms must be turned in by Monday, 4/2/12 in the AA Main Office.  No late entries will be accepted.

NOTE FOR FACULTY:  Please submit your mid-semester critiques schedule to by Friday 2/17.  In this email please include date, time, location & course title.  This list will be compiled and added here by Tuesday 2/21.  Thank you.


3 Responses to PASSPORT: Mid-Semester Critiques

  1. Hello,

    I would like to participate but I am not entirely sure how this works. Would you mind giving me a email with a description of a typical critiques?

    Thank you,

    Richard Comstock

    • There are variety of Crits that you are welcome to visit within the College of Art & Architecture. You will need to make inquiries to instructors of each course in order to find out specifics of discussion. Dates, times, locations, and instructors are found on the calender on this page.

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