What do the Arts mean to you?

What do the Arts mean to you? We’re looking for simple graphics  comprised of one image with one or two words overplayed on it that visually answer this question.
Please submit your response by Sunday, April 15th to uicaaexperience@gmail.com & your unique response will be projected during the Conversation with Jac event.

Your image should fill the entire canvas and your word response should lay on top of the image as seen in the examples in this post. The image most be horizontal in order to be used in this presentation.  The larger the file size submitted, the better. Only .png, .jpg, or .pdf files will be accepted.

We look forward to your participation & seeing you at the event next Wednesday night!

If you have any questions, please email uicaaexperience@gmail.com.


About uicaaexperience

The Integrative Experience Blog site is a resource for University of Idaho College of Art & Architecture students who are Creating, Collaborating, and Leading.
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One Response to What do the Arts mean to you?

  1. Thanks to all who participated!

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